Pixel Studio FX Software – Goodbye cheap templates! People DO judge a book by its cover. Create stunning covers in minutes, with no tech skill! Seriously cool… Bring your products into the 21st century!

By | 25/09/2015

BEST SELLER – Pixel Studio FX Software By Jimmy Kim – New eCover tech start up ruffles feathers in design world, by allowing small businesses the freedom of DIY cover design…

Pixel Studio FX Software

Brand new tech start up, Pixel Studio FX, have been disrupting the design world with their flagship eCover design tool, ‘Pixel Studio FX’ that allows anyone to create 3D eCovers for a wide range of product types, from magazines to Amazon Kindle book covers, DVDs to boxsets and beyond. For over a decade, small business owners, marketers and even designers, have been wrestling with the task of creating compelling, realistic, professional covers and artwork for their products.

Pixel Studio FX is a extremely simple tool that does nothing but create awesome cover designs. There’s really nothing complicated about the tool. You don’t have to navigate some complicated control panel that looks like a pilot’s dashboard. It just does one job – create awesome eCovers (reports, software boxes, cds, book covers, etc) – and does it better, faster and cheaper than ever before!

Yet despite its simplicity, it actually creates designs your clients will happily pay good money for, and actually put on the “shelf” for sale. And that’s why a brand new tool called Pixel Studio FX caught my eye, and lured me in for a closer look. You can design pretty much any type of product package your client wants, at the push of a button. You can completely customize it to give you a fresh, unique design, so nobody will ever know you’re cheating your way to awesome designs.

Pixel Studio FX Software Review

Let’s Take A Look Inside of Pixel Studio FX Software “Extremely tool-suite” with all super simple softwares:

  1. Hundreds of design templates: created by graphic experts from all over the world, of varying styles.
  2. In-built 8000+ stock images included (royalty free)
  3. In-built 6000+ bonus web icons/clipart included (royalty free)
  4. 20,800 combinations possible (minimum)
  5. 3D models included: 12 of them, software boxes, dvds, book, report, magazine, report, hard back book, ebook etc
  6. Create an Ecover in 60 seconds: just edit one of our templates and GO
  7. Create an Ecover from SCRATCH – blank canvas – let your creativity flow.
  8. 23 niche / categories to cover most markets
  9. Export your designs in 3 size formats
  10. 20 design storage / 50 MB image space given per account at no extra cost
  11. Web based software
  12. Save and store your designs online
  13. Mobile optimized: click and profit on the go.
  14. Full professional step by step training – 11 Complete Modules
  15. Versatile and Easy to Use HD Interface & Editor with Drag and Drop Technology
  16. Unique CD editor: Edit and design your CD separately to the main design
  17. Colorizer Engine: Randomize and produce MULTIPLE color variations of your eCover with 1 click.
  18. Auto-Save Engine: no more having to remember to save your precious work – carry on where you left off
  19. In-built backgrounds
  20. Upload your own images / backgrounds.
  21. Developer rights included at no extra charge: Create and sell designs
  22. No recurring costs to use software: one time only
  23. Watermark Engine – protect your work – client share
  24. Social Share; instantly share your designs on pinterest, fb, twitter, g+
  25. Client Share with cloaked link: create and share your designs within PSFX, and your client will never know you are using PSFX to create their covers!
  26. Client feedback engine: client can leave feedback dynamically over your design giving you feedback in real time. this saves precious time.

Pixel Studio FX Software WSO

Although not popular with professional designers (some independent designers are reportedly furious and actively attempting to belittle or even sabotage the new tool), Founder Adeel Chowdhry insists that Pixel Studio FX “isn’t designed to replace professional design studios.”

Instead, “Pixel Studio FX” was created to give budget conscious business owners a chance to create their own designs on a shoestring, without back and forth with agencies or freelancers.

Pixel Studio FX Review

The Main Features of Pixel Studio FX…

  • Drag & Drop Friendly
  • Over 650+ Unique Themes
  • Professional Quality e-Covers
  • Seamless User Experience
  • Award Winning Designs & Models
  • Easy To Use & Minimal Training
  • Low Cost & Cheapest Design Solution
  • Client Collaboration & Social Sharing
  • HTML5/CSS3 + PC/MAC Compatible
  • Drag & Drop User Interface
  • Ease Of Use & Complete User Experience
  • Quality Of Unique Designs & Models
  • Cross-browser Compatibility
  • Full Support & Future Updates

Pixel Studio FX Testimonial

Pixel Studio FX is a fantastic solution for small to medium size business owners who need a simple, tech free design tool where 95% of the work and creative elements are already taken care of. If you need a cover fast, there are plenty of templates you can customize and with the push of a button, turn into eye-catching 3D eCover models ready to go, you can absolutely find a premium cover that is right for you.
Pixel Studio FX DIYThis includes a “Job Finder” software and training which shows you exactly how to make money online by providing design services to others. The “Job Finder” software is a real time saver and automatically finds profitable design jobs online, which you can then fulfill using Pixel Studio FX. (You can find jobs that pay you up to $700 just for designing a cover!)

All in all, Pixel Studio FX is the best of best favorite tools this year.. You’ve got hot copy and a killer product. But there’s one thing that could CHOKE your sales send your launch into the dirt. It’s your eCover! Pixel Studio FX lets you create seriously kick-ass product graphics faster than I’ve ever seen before…Bring your products into the 21st century with Pixel Studio FX…

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Pixel Studio FX Software – Goodbye cheap templates! People DO judge a book by its cover. Create stunning covers in minutes, with no tech skill! Seriously cool… Bring your products into the 21st century!

GET Pixel Studio FX Software HERE

GET Pixel Studio FX Software HERE