SocialNeos Review – The Revolutionary of New Viral Traffic Listbuilding Plugin Creates Amazing Lockable Videos and Content With No Coding Skills in 3 Easy Steps which are Design, Publish, and Share

By | 19/05/2015


TOP SELLER – SocialNeos By Martin Crumlish – Powerful Viral Traffic Listbuilding Plugin to Send Videos Viral, Increase Traffic and Build your List

SocialNeos is The Revolutionary of New Viral Traffic Listbuilding Plugin Creates Amazing Lockable Videos and Content With No Coding Skills in 3 Easy Steps which are Design, Publish, and Share. These are the following steps to use SocialNeos:

  • Step 1-Design
    Here you can use our custom templates, also background library and buttons, and also create a SocialNeos overlay to lock any content you want people to share to get access to.
  • Step 2-Publish
    Feel free to add the SocialNeos locker over any content, and even videos with a simple shortcode. At the time it’s ready for traffic to hit it and begin the viral process.
  • Step 3-Share
    Here you could start some ‘seed traffic’ to your SocialNeos locked content and watch as viral growth and also list building and social sharing kick in and take it to the next level.



SocialNeos is Very Powerful to Get Traffic and Build a List in a simple way using viral traffic generation, and also social sharing and list building firmly in your control, plus also we will do it one easy to use plugin that combines all of these in one place. By using SocialNeos, you are able to create a video to go viral while still building your list, and then you are able to create a discount coupon people have to share to get. And als you could give away a PDF in exchange for a tweet. Plus also you could enter people into a contest. Best of all that SocialNeos rewards customers for sharing content, also builds your list and creates a powerful Social Notification system just like Mobile Push Notifications that message your users any time on any device! Therefore are you wondering how this can work in your business? Just in a few clicks, 100% absolutely you can use SocialNeos.

SocialNeos Benefits:

  • SocialNeos FOR VIDEO
    Using SocialNeos you can create a slick custom overlay ‘locker’ that will stop a video from playing until the visitor either clicks the share button or opts in.
    Just once they share and the video is posted virally and shared with their friends, also leading to more traffic for you. The app integration captures their registered email address or you can use the optin-form option.
    Actually the options for SocialNeos and video can turn any video into a traffic magnet and list building goldmine.
    Here absolutely Website visitors want to access interesting content, but it can be tricky to get them to spread the word and share.
    Using SocialNeos you can lock any content such as images, also text, even videos, and also infographics whatever you like.
    Here actually You can even have some quality teaser content to encourage them to unlock the rest, and also massively boosting your results.
    Here absolutely Traditional list-building methods are dead. For boring old squeeze-pages do not cut it any more. Using SocialNeos lets you tap into List Building 3.0.
    Actually whether you use our direct integration with FB, direct integration with Twitter, direct integration with G+ and direct integration with LinkedIn to capture the users email when they click to share or you use our Optin Form builder, Using SocialNeos will let you leverage your content and instantly deliver what the visitors opts in to get.
    Let me give you an example that lets say you had a free WP plugin. Just put a SocialNeos lock over the download button and tell them they need to share or optin to get the download with simple and powerful.
    Actually Using The offline client/business opportunities with SocialNeos are truly astounding.
    Here absolutely Our versatile app can turn any offline businesses offer into a viral storm that wll spread right in the area of their customer base.
    You could a restaurant puts a QR code on their menu. Then also a customer scans it and it takes them to a page they have out a SocialNeos lock on. And the the lock says share this to get 10% off your bill!. And then actually they share it and the word spreads to their friends in the area and the restaurant gets their customers email. Could you see the power behind this? Plus that’s just one quick idea.
    Here if you are an internet marketer or sell anything online that you can have your normal sales page and buy buttons. However you could imagine the effect if you put a SocialNeos lock below that button saying want $10 off? Buy using ust click here! Plus when they share it or opt-in that SocialNeos unlocks a buy button with $10 off the price. Then absolutely You could even make the share be an alternative to paying and they get the purchase right behind the locked content.
  • SocialNeos FOR COUPONS
    This is for Everyone who loves a deal, however a business needs to get something for their effort.
    Here if you use SocialNeos to lock a printable coupon or voucher or to reveal an online coupon code, and the results can be massive.
    Then who wouldn’t want to fill in a simple form to immediately get a coupon code or click a little share button to get a valuable coupon?
    Actually because SocialNeos integrates directly with many autoresponders, easily add a headline telling people to unlock the content to reveal your contest, and then have the entry button or instructions.
    Absolutely you can easily use SocialNeos to do this and keep well within the ToS of Facebook etc. and turning any contest into a viral lead magnet.
    Here actually almost every launch has an ‘early bird’ offer to reward fast movers and existing customers. Using SocialNeos you can quickly create a full ‘early bird’ page that helps spread the word for your launch.
    Just easy and simple to add a SocialNeos lock over a Facebook comments widget that tell people to share to qualify for Early Bird and then ask them to leave a comment in the unlocked element. And actually this will build your early bird list due to the SocialNeos app integration, then you could spread the word for your launch with the viral sharing, obtain customer comments for your launch and keep people happy by giving them a discount. Using SocialNeos makes all this possible.
    Here Teepring or any physical product platform that sells mainly via social media will get a huge boost by using SocialNeos.
    Easily add your shirt image into the SocialNeos lock and tell people to share in order to get the shirt at a discount, and then reveal the shirt link or iframe underneath what you locked simple! And then You can even use it with content to unlock promotions for Amazon products. Then the only limit is your imagination – SocialNeos is truly one of the most flexible plugins you will ever find.
    Just once a user connects with your SocialNeos campaign, absolutely you can instantly send them a social media notification right into their account!
    Just once a user connects that you can log in to your SocialNeos Notification Centre which acts as a Social Autoresponder and instantly send a message with link directly to your users.
  • SocialNeos For Facebook it sends notifications, and also for Twitter it sends them a tweet, also for LinkedIn it sends them a message and for G+ it sends them an email. There is No other plugin does this. There is Not only does SocialNeos create viral traffic and build your list, it also opens up a whole new marketing channel for you with the notification center.

Check Detail:
SocialNeos – The Development of New Viral Traffic Listbuilding Plugin Creates Amazing Lockable Videos and Content With No Coding Skills in 3 Easy Steps which are Design, Publish, and Share

SocialNeos Amazing Features:

  • Boost Viral Traffic
    Actually Incentivize users to share your content causing viral traffic to soar
  • 100% Editable
    Using 100’s of built in images and designs make SocialNeos easily customizable.
  • Best of The Best WYSIWYG editing
    Using Powerful wysiwg editor makes it simple to create compelling ‘locker’ designs to get people clicking
  • Best Video locking
    Feel free to Lock any video with SocialNeos so users need to share or optin to watch it
  • Best Button or Option
    Feel free to Ask users to share or simply enter their name and email to get access – perfect list builder
  • Best Social Integration
    Feel free to Sharelocks work with Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Great Multiple Accounts
    Feel free to Link to many different social accounts in one single share campaign – not tied to only 1 account
  • Best of the Best Autoresponder Integration
    Here you could directly integrates with aweber, getresponse, mailchimp + iContact. More coming soon
  • Best Social Autoresponder
    Using Built in auto-notifications via FB so you can directly send your users a message in their account via a notification popup!
  • Best Design Library
    This is Packed with designs to use, or simply upload your own – endless options
  • Great Multi-share
    Feel free to Combine sharelocks across all your social accounts with one SocialNeos campaign
  • Best Advanced editing
    Feel free to Use the WYSIWG editor, or turn on HTML mode to create something more custom
  • Great Detailed Analytics
    Best Built-in analytics system so you can see how your SocialNeos campaigns are performing
  • Best Facebook Pages
    Totally Works directly inside Facebook so you can lock Fan Page content
  • Best Fanatic Support
    We love our customers and are here to help via our support desk, you will never be on your own if you have a problem

SocialNeos is The Development of New Viral Traffic Listbuilding Plugin Creates Amazing Lockable Videos and Content With No Coding Skills in 3 Easy Steps which are Design, Publish, and Share. This is Best of The Best Viral Traffic Listbuilding Plugin to Send Videos Viral, Increase Traffic and Build your List.

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