Custom Video Player Subscription Special Review – Brand New Generation Video Software Empowers You to Expressly Design Your Own Videos Players

By | 23/05/2015


TOP SELLER – Custom Video Player Subscription Special – An INSTANT Custom Designing Video Player That Goes With Your Website and Make Your Videos Look Amazing

Custom Video Player Subscription Special is Brand New, Powerful, Amazing, The New Generation Video Software Empowers You to Expressly Design Your Own Videos Players That Goes With Your Website and Make Your Videos Look Amazing. Here You Could Create Position Stunning Image Animations Anywhere In The Video. Then It Includes Pictures, Gurantees, Book Covers and Software Boxes, and Also Business Locations and PowerPoint Slides and More.

Then You Could Embrace the world of Tablets and Mobile Devices with the new Custom Video Player Device Actions and Feel Free to Set different video player options for different devices! Then you can also restrict, also limit and even deliver different video content determined by the user device. The examples are you could have the same video player and delivering a completely different video for someone coming to your site on their laptop to someone else visiting your site on their Tablet or mobile!
Then Best of All That Device Targeting Actions Include:

  • How to load a different video with custom settings for that device uwing desktop, also tablet and mobile
  • How to block the video from load and show a custom message
  • How to load a Clickable/Tap-Able image in place of video
  • How to redirect viewer automatically to another webpage or link

Then You Will Also Have New generation Auto Fit Any Content Technology that Automatically Fits Into Any Content Perfectly By Simply Copy and Paste. Then It is Also Accomapnied By A Complete Range of Ready To Go Optimal Video Sizes That Automatically Adjust To Any Website or User Device! Absolutely the Custom Video Player generates 100% responsive videos Using 14 ready to go preset video sizes that are optimised for maximum video quality to the end user. It means people viewing your videos will have an improved optimal video viewing experience. And then the Pre-Set size options will give you the right size video player while still automatically making adjustments to ensure a top level viewing experience to your audience. Then by default, actually the Custom Video Player will automatically resize your video to best fit your website as well as the viewers device. It means that you can simply copy and paste your video code anywhere on your web-page and the video will automatically adjust it’s size to fit the allocated position on your website. Note that you always have full control. Therefore if for any reason you want a fixed size video, or want to disable the auto-resize feature, absolutely you can! Then you can even create some cinematic super-wide video players that look awesome!



Absolutely it’s your video player using your personal touch, and also custom designed for your website and your videos that deliver a unique experience to your viewers and website visitors. Actually it never before has there been the freedom the Custom Video Player provides to generate your own unique looking video players in just moments. And there is no HTML or CSS knowledge required by simply click and choose to create your own custom designs! Here You Can Convert One Video Into Multiple Short Videos Or A Video Course! Absolutely you can create an unlimited of mini videos from a single longer video and You can also use this with your video Opt-In list builder to and convert one single video into a video mini course!

Then Inside of Device Targeting Actions Include:

  • Very super fast chop-Off long boring video intro’s!
  • Simply convert long videos into short ones!
  • Make a video series or course from one single video!

Custom Video Player Subscription Special Package:

  • Great Custom Design Your Own Video Players In Just Moments
  • 100% save your custom designs as themes, and instantly apply them to other videos
  • Expressly choose from ready to go professionally designed themes
  • Create your video POP with 8 different borders in 50 sizes!
  • Using Show/Hide/Auto Video Player Controls with simply click to choose!
  • Easily select to auto start video once or every time the player loads!
  • Great and powerful transparency effects with a full range of 0-100%
  • Using first impressions last with your pre-load video poster option
  • Using Ad custom promotions to your videos with a post-video poster that loads at the end of the video.
  • Using Cool customization options including choosing your own play handle

Custom Video Player Subscription Special Features:

  • With YouTube and Vimeo or direct video files including MP4, including WEBM, including OGV, including 3GP and More!
  • Having link multiple videos together by automatically redirecting viewers to another video
  • Get automatically redirect viewers to another website or offer page at any time in the video
  • Having best optional custom video files for mobile devices.
  • Easily setup different videos for different devices and even run device targeted video promotions!
  • Having water mark all your videos with your linkable business logo
  • Best inbuilt Video Site Map Generator with full 22 video sitemap info settings
  • Great timed video events including images and opt-in forms
  • Best image animations
  • Powerful video Opt-In form Generator
  • Best inbuilt Autoresponder
  • Easily build your list with integrated autoresponers including Awebser, including GetResponse and InfusionSoft
  • Easily add your own Autoresponders using Advanced users can integrate any autoresponder
  • And so much more!

Custom Video Player Subscription Special is The New Generation Video Software Empowers You to Expressly Design Your Own Videos Players That 100% Expressly A Custom Designed Video Player That Goes With Your Website and Make Your Videos Look Amazing.

CLICK HERE TO GET INSTANT ACCESS – Custom Video Player Subscription Special – The New Generation Video Software Empowers You to Expressly Design Your Own Videos Players

Get Custom Video Player Subscription Special Here

Get Custom Video Player Subscription Special Here