Insight Hero – The Most Ultimate FB Research Tool By Ross Carrel with New Software Unlocks Thousands of Hidden Interests, Millions of New Buyers and Gives You a Blatant Facebook Advantage in Seconds

By | 17/04/2015
Insight Hero - The Ultimate FB Research Tool  Review

Insight Hero – The Ultimate FB Research Tool Review

TOP SELLER – Insight Hero – The Most Powerful FB Research Tool to Unearth Every Niche Keyword with a Single Click, Easily Build Hyper Targeted Audiences and Launch Your ads

Insight Hero is Best of The Best FB Research Tool that Uses 1-Click of Deep Research that Research Your Entire Niche in Seconds and with Just a Single Click. Then You Will Also Get Your $$$ Inbox with A Day Later or a Month Later and You Can Pick Up Where You Left Off. It Also Uses Hyper Targeting to Build Hyper Targeted Audiences in Real Time Like Never Before. And also It Launchs Your Campaign that Execute at Light Speed and Launch an Entire Campaign with a Single Click. The Powe of This System From Simple Keyword to Unlocking Mass Niches in 15 Seconds.

Insight Hero - The Ultimate FB Research Tool Discount

Insight Hero – The Ultimate FB Research Tool Discount

  • Actually Facebook has been hiding all the best and most profitable data from us.
  • In fact millions of buyers have been just out of reach, invisible to the average FB marketer. But now, a simple tool I developed out of pure frustration has unlocked them – all of them. And rather than bore you to tears with empty promises and hype, let me show YOU in REAL time exactly what this means for you and your business.

By Using Insight Here, You Will Have The Power of Go from a single keyword, unlocked multiple mass niches filled with millions of hyper-targeted buyers – all in about 2 minutes. This is the holy grail of Facebook marketing tools. It’s the first ever of it’s kind, turning what used to take hours into a simple process that takes just mere minutes. It allows you to dive deep into hidden markets and target people on Facebook like never before – and like your competition simply can’t. It’s like a key to unlocking the true potential of Facebook ads and audiences, backed by strategies and techniques that have pulled in well over 1.4 million dollars in just the last 2 years. We call it Insight Hero and it will completely revolutionize the speed and effectiveness at which you can launch highly targeted, highly profitable campaigns.

Insight Hero - The Ultimate FB Research Tool

Insight Hero – The Ultimate FB Research Tool

A Real Proof:

  • We simply took some of the most popular and even some of the most obscure niches in Facebook and ran them through Insight Hero. We then placed all directly related interests into the the Audience Builder to get exact audience sizes – the total number of potential buyers within these niches… And remember, all of these were generated in under 30 seconds and with a single click!
  • 5.2 Million Person Audience of Directly Related Nurse Interests

    Insight Hero - The Ultimate FB Research Tool  Fact

    Insight Hero – The Ultimate FB Research Tool Fact

  • Uncovers a 2.4 Million Person Audience for Engineering Majors
  • So the Question is: With Literally Every Niche on Facebook at Your Fingertips… Which One will YOU Make Money with First?
  • Of course, we could go on and on here, but I think by now you get the point… Insight Hero allows anyone to realize the FULL potential of their niche. And all it takes it just a few simple steps to get going…
  • Unlocks a 7.6 Million Person Audience in the Firefighter Niche
  • 3.1 Million Person Audience in the Passionate Fishing Niche
  • 4.1 Million People to Target in the Scuba Diving Niche

Steps of Using Insight Hero:

  • Step #1 – Enter Any Keyword
    – Insight Hero Uncovers Every Possible Targeting Opportunity in Seconds…
    – No matter your niche, if there’s a way to target it on Facebook, Insight Hero will find it and unearth virtually every relevant interest, job, employer, major and more with the click of a button.
    – Interests – Finds hundreds of directly related interests that are impossible to even know exist without hours of laborious research.
    – Job Titles – Want every targetable “engineering” job title on Facebook? They’re yours with a single click.
    – Employers – Imagine being able to find everybody on Facebook that works at a hospital or a fire department – you can do that – again with one click!
    – Education Majors – Want every targetable “nursing” major on Facebook? They’re yours in just a few seconds.
    – Schools – Want to find everyone on Facebook that has gone to a veterinarian school? It’s easy with Insight Hero.
    – After Insight Hero Unlocks Your Niche, You Can Go Even Deeper…
    – With Just Another Click, Expand Your Market and Generate New Ideas for Next Level Targeting…
    – The Niche Expander makes scaling and finding new markets a breeze. Never before could you expand your markets with real, valid and targetable interests. Now you can!
    – Niche Expansion – Takes your interests and finds even more targets by uncovering semantic terms, people, websites and more.
    – WikiTargeting – As the first ever to make Wikipedia our personal targeting playground, we took our technology and fused it right into Insight Hero.
    – Brand New Markets – Do you know what “tandem bicycle” is? We didn’t either until we expanded our “motocross” niche and found this juicy, hidden market filled with buyers and no competition!
  • Step #2 – Your Perfect Audience
    – Insight Hero Lets You Build Real Time Audiences & Launch Your Ads…
    – Watch in real time as you build a hyper targeted audience using any of the Audience Insight tool settings (even the advanced ones) alongside your Insight Hero research and then launch your ad with one click.
    – Connects directly with the Audience Insights tool – Allows you to combine Insight Hero research with any AI tool setting to build hyper targeted audiences.
    – Real Time, Valid Audience Sizes – Every time you update your audience, you’ll see exactly how many people you’re targeting.
    – Never Leave Facebook – Go from a single keyword to building your audience, to launching your ad all without ever leaving the Audience Insight tool!
    – Saves Your Research – Unlimited projects allow you to lock your valuable research into your own personal profit vault, ready to go when you are.

You see, by having this information at your fingertips, you’ll instantly place yourself in the circle of elite Facebook marketers and separate yourself from your competition. And not only that, you’ll be able to…
Execute at a speed that you never thought possible – making scaling your business easier than ever
Significantly lower your ad spend, because instead of showing your ads to tire kickers, only hyper engaged people will see them. Stay out of the Facebook “likes by association” money trap where they basically throw your ad spend down a very deep hole.

Insight Hero was built by social marketers and based on thousands of dollars invested and hundreds of hours spent running Facebook campaigns. It’s the only tool in existence today that can unlock the Facebook data vault, starting with a single keyword and launch a full blown campaign in just a few minutes. Ready to Save Hours, Achieve Higher ROI’s and a Kick-Butt Bottom Line? you could easily make that investment back with just one campaign. you can grab this tool at a deep discount. Use it for 100 campaigns or 100,000 campaigns – you’ll never pay a dime more. As well as, unlimited free updates for life.

CLICK HERE TO GET INSTANT ACCESS – Insight Hero – The Ultimate FB Research Tool By Ross Carrel – Brand New Software Unlocks Thousands of Hidden Interests, Millions of New Buyers and Gives You a Blatant Facebook Advantage in Seconds

Get Insight Hero - The Ultimate FB Research Tooll Here

Get Insight Hero – The Ultimate FB Research Tooll Here